Emmanuelle Pidoux (France) - Fumée, 2009             Drawings


Erich Heckel, Fluss im Gebirge (River in the Mountains), 1923 

Erich Heckel (31 July 1883, Döbeln – 27 January 1970, Radolfzell) was a German painter and printmaker, and a founding member of the Die Brücke group (“The Bridge”) which existed 1905-1913. blastedheath:

Erich Heckel (German, 1883-1970), Asters, 1944. Watercolour over pencil on wove paper, 69.5 x 55.7 cm.
ok, so let's get married and have a huge mansion with several frames of art. is good for you?

I’d prefer a decently sized apartment rather than a mansion, they’re too big and empty

― Anonymous

DisEmbodied.7. (2012), by Iraqi artist Hayv Kahraman

i’ve decided that I 100% want to do the photography and digital imaging technologies degree at the Uni of westminster and it will be fab


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Douglas and Stephanie Mallis Kahn

Maria Luisacrescendo, 2010