At The Ball by Václav Brozík (Detail)

Putti (detail) on staircase at Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building, Washington, D.C by Philip Martiny
why u don't like ukip?
Need I explain?

― Anonymous
you did not answer me when I said you looks sexy talking about politics :(

I don’t know how to reply to that tho sorry
Do u say thanks?
Idk I’m all out of wit for the day

― Anonymous
you have no desire to travel the world?

I do but I’ll probably go on a grand tour of earth after Uni before I hopefully get a career

― Anonymous
you're so genius. Yazmine for President

Vote for me
And remember kids
A vote for ukip is a vote for misogyny 👎👎👎👎👎

― Anonymous
you believe in extraterrestrial life? I know it's a weird question, I just want to know

Idk, the amount of galaxies and potential life-supporting planets there are I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility for aliens and shit

― Anonymous