Luis Barragan

Irving Penn for American Vogue October 1984

Artist Name: Zeren Badar
Tumblr: Penniless Photographer
 "Sexism"—Accident Series 
Antonio LeeOil and acrylic on canvas. 110cm x 170cm


Nymphs by the pool - Serge Marshennikov

Nocturne 17
Chad Wys

Gustavo Peña,

I swear the only reason people are going to vote for ukip is to get out of Europe but if you look at their other policies they are totally gonna shit on England like especially on women’s rights so if they win I’m gone like talking uni in France C’ya sexist pigs

idk but this song seems to be your vibe. I once traveled to Bournemouth to listening, it should also tell

omg you came to Bournemouth?
you know I live in Bournemouth..?

― Anonymous

La faccia del figlioNicola Samori
2012, oil on wood, 40 x 30 cm
you prefer British or American accent? I study English and idk what I learn omg

Idk England and America both have bad and good regional accents so they’re kinda the same

― Anonymous