Pierre Subleyras: Charon passant les ombres, c. 1740.
The original of this painting is in the Louvre. A very good copy, made about thirty years later, is in the National Gallery in London.

Robert MapplethorpeAmerica (Calla Lilly), 1988 arsauroprior:

Philippe Jacques de Loutherbourg, A shipwreck off a rocky coast, 1760s | detail

Carven by Filep Motwary

ph. Casey Vange

Portrait of a lady, Detail. Attributed to Luis Paret y Alcázar

Morning after the storm on the beach at Tangier
Sir John Lavery, R.A. - 1920
you like to interact with anonymous? I figured it out on you, it's so cool :)

Anon or not anon I don’t mind I like to chat although I usually answer non-anons privately

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what are your favorite bands?

It changes daily so r/n its bombay bicycle club, their recent album is amazing on the ears

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do i wanna know??? if this feeling flows both waysss

sad to see you go, sorta hoping(? or hoped) that you stayed

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Worbarrow Bay, Dorset
by John Everett 

Pol Ledent